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Issue e-invoices from app

A complete solution for billing workflows

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  • Android app
  • Register your user just with email address
    • No password, just magic email link for logging in.
    • You don't have to remember a password and we don't have to salt and hash and store it.
  • Register your company
    • Company register search for Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Poland
    • Offical bank account search for Poland
    • Automatic swift and bank name search
    • Each company gets it's own subdomain.outvoicer.com
  • Add customers
    • Company register search for Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Poland
  • Add products
    • Add custom name, unit, currency and VAT to product
  • Add issued and due date
  • Add comment
  • Compose invoice with products for customer
  • Calculate VAT both for international and local trade
    • We have ourselves issued over 90 000 invoices using this software.
  • Create PDF and JPG of invoice
  • Email invoice to customer
    • Customise invoice email text
    • Localisation for email text into English, Polish, Finnish, Latvian and Estonian
    • Get bcc yourself
  • Send as an e-invoice (for Estonian customers)
  • Compose and send credit invoice
  • Set up accounting software integration
  • Add users
    • All users are admins, currently.
  • View log
  • Delete company

Current focus

  • Make the nicest UX
    • I guess the initial hypothesis for UX is there.
  • Iterate UX to perfection within the scope
    • And this hopefully, with your help.
  • UI should be there in Q3
    • First UI is there as of beginning of August.
  • Iterate UI to perfection
  • Make uploading existing document into a ... nicer feature
  • Make einvoicing work
  • Launch native app
  • Localise text to local languages
  • Iterate integrations to perfection

Different ways to use this software

  • SaaS
    • If you sign up from this website, you are using SaaS
  • Private server
    • We host your code on a private server.
    • We take care about the upgrades and backups.
    • The server hard drive, RAM and processor capabilities can be determined together.
  • On-premise
    • You host the code yourself

Contact: [email protected]